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Ruth MullerAcct Mgr & Compliance

Ruth has been part of the Ethos Team since 2015 and currently works as both an account manager and compliance specialist. She excels at both. Ruth has eight years of professional experience working in retail agencies, which gives her a deep understanding of how best to serve the retail clients she now services at Ethos.

Ruth has experience in many parts of the U.S. over the years. Originally from the Midwest, Ruth graduated from Purdue University with a degree in English. After a long stint in California, she made the move to the Pacific Northwest in 2011. Just recently, Ruth moved to Atlanta, GA and now works for Ethos remotely. Obviously, she does not mind packing and unpacking …

In her free time, Ruth is an avid reader, a bit of a movie buff and a closet nerd. She loves to explore locally and travel internationally when time allows.