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Correctional Medicine Under Fire

David Huss - Jan 24, 2017

In the last week, two well-known carriers in the medical professional liability arena stopped writing correctional medicine.

In the first case, the carrier had a significant penetration in the correctional medicine space nationwide.  As such, they currently have a very sizable book of this business.  Because of adverse claim experience, and also because of judicial rulings they feel change the landscape for the class, this carrier made the decision not just to no longer accept new correctional medicine opportunities, but to run the book off entirely.

In the second case, the carrier is pulling out of medical professional liability altogether.  Correctional medicine is reported to be a significant part of their overall book of medical professional liability insurance.

These two developments will put a lot of pressure on professional liability placements for correctional medicine across the U.S.  If you need assistance with the placement of your correctional medicine risks, contact Ethos.

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