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Smart, reliable people. And good dogs.

The most important element in our brand is integrity. We can teach people as much as they want to learn about our business, but you can’t teach trust.

Every person in our organization understands what makes us unique and they’ve drunk the Kool-Aid as they say. Everyone here is committed to your success and your ability to provide your clients with the right solution for each situation.

Tucker is committed to napping.

Our Team

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David Huss

Co-Founder & Producer

David HussCo-Founder & Producer

David co-founded Ethos and heads up the organization’s production efforts. He has worked in the insurance industry for nearly 25 years. Fully half of that time has been spent on the wholesale side solely focused on the entirety of the U.S. healthcare industry and the placement of healthcare liability insurance.

The combination of David’s professional experience, underwriter relationships, people skills, work ethic and sincere desire to get the job done right make him an ideal partner for retailers across the country who are focused on the healthcare space and want to work with a wholesale specialist who will ensure their healthcare clients’ insurance needs are properly identified and met.

When not focused on healthcare liability insurance, David works to be the best husband and father he can be. He also enjoys fixing up old homes, trying not to get hurt on the ski slopes, and IPA.

Jonathan Waterman

Co-Founder & Producer

Jonathan WatermanCo-Founder & Producer

Jonathan began his career in medical malpractice insurance in 1992 working for PHICO Insurance Company in Pennsylvania and learned everything he could about med-mal insurance along the way. Jonathan benefited greatly from a formalized underwriting training program at PHICO and that opportunity accelerated his knowledge and understanding of the technical nature of this business. He then served as a medical malpractice underwriter focusing both on physicians and medical facilities.

As an established medical malpractice underwriter, wholesale broker and program administrator, he has extensive knowledge of the medical malpractice marketplace.

Growing up on the East Coast, he is a die-hard Yankees fan. He’s also a fan of Washington’s fine wineries. And he loves time at home with family, including walks with his dog, Tucker.

Christi Horst

Account Manager

Christi HorstAccount Manager

Christi joined the Ethos team in 2008. She began her insurance career in 2002 as an account manager for a retail agency specializing in the placement of healthcare professional liability insurance. Prior to that, she worked for eight years as the quality improvement/risk management assistant for a hospital in Alaska.

Christi’s extensive professional experience, both in the healthcare industry and on the retail insurance side, make her an excellent account manager for the Waterman Team where their focus includes hospitals, medical facilities of all kinds, managed care and other unique types of healthcare-related risks.

Christi has spent the majority of her life in Alaska, so she loves taking advantage of the many outdoor activity options the Pacific Northwest has to offer. She enjoys hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, skiing and trying to keep up with her daughter, Lindsay, and her son-in-law, Tim. She also enjoys traveling whenever possible.

Betty Shilliam

Account Manager

Betty ShilliamAccount Manager

Betty joined the Ethos team in 2009 with a lot of healthcare-related experience under her belt. She has focused exclusively on the placement of healthcare liability insurance since 1999. Most of those years were spent on the wholesale side, but Betty also spent several years working for a healthcare-focused retail agency. There are very few healthcare-related risks she has not worked on in her career.

All those years of professional experience focused on the placement of healthcare liability insurance serve Betty well as the lead account manager on the Huss Team, where the focus is on physicians, medical facilities of all kinds and unique risks from around the healthcare world.

In her spare time, Betty is an avid reader. She enjoys spending time with her husband, Bill, exploring the Puget Sound and the companionship of her two cats, Franny and Zoey.

Ruth Muller

Acct Mgr & Compliance

Ruth MullerAcct Mgr & Compliance

Ruth has been part of the Ethos Team since 2015 and currently works as both an account manager and compliance specialist. She excels at both. Ruth has eight years of professional experience working in retail agencies, which gives her a deep understanding of how best to serve the retail clients she now services at Ethos.

Ruth has experience in many parts of the U.S. over the years. Originally from the Midwest, Ruth graduated from Purdue University with a degree in English. After a long stint in California, she made the move to the Pacific Northwest in 2011. Just recently, Ruth moved to Atlanta, GA and now works for Ethos remotely. Obviously, she does not mind packing and unpacking …

In her free time, Ruth is an avid reader, a bit of a movie buff and a closet nerd. She loves to explore locally and travel internationally when time allows.

Mike Lenosky

Account Manager

Mike LenoskyAccount Manager

Mike joined Ethos in 2016.  With a background in business economics and a desire to learn more about healthcare liability insurance, Mike made a cross-country move from his home near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to join the Ethos family. Prior to the change of scenery, Michael attended Grove City College located north of Pittsburgh.

In his spare time, Michael enjoys the scenery of the Pacific Northwest and rooting against the Seahawks (Go Steelers!). Pretty soon, he’ll also be making fun of Seattle drivers, as none of them seems to be able to drive in the little snow we get in the winter.

Rita Schteynberg

Finance & Office Mgr

Rita SchteynbergFinance & Office Mgr

Rita joined the Ethos Team in 2014.  She is a transplant from the California Bay Area, where she most recently worked as a full charge bookkeeper and office manager. Rita obtained her formal accounting education at the College of Notre Dame in Belmont, CA. Throughout her career, she has logged extensive accounting experience in the manufacturing, construction and insurance industries.

Rita has a people-oriented personality – something that comes in handy when fulfilling the HR responsibilities that accompany her role as office manager here at Ethos. Rita is friendly and fun-loving. She enjoys helping people as well as telling jokes and funny stories.

In her life outside of Ethos, Rita loves working out, swimming and taking walks with her husband. She is also a Downton Abbey and Game of Thrones fan.

Deb MacCracken

Support Specialist

Deb MacCrackenSupport Specialist

Deb joined Ethos in 2011 as support specialist and currently fulfills that role on the Huss Team. For more than 25 years prior to that move, she worked as personal lines operations lead, trainer and business analyst for a well-known Pacific Northwest insurance carrier.

You may well be familiar with Deb, as she is one of the cheerful voices answering the main phone line or perhaps corresponding with you on matters related to binders, invoices, binding conditions, renewal applications, etc.

When not at Ethos, Deb enjoys gardening with the help of her three cats, playing volleyball, tennis and bowling with friends, vacationing on the Oregon Coast and visiting favorite Pacific Northwest scenic places with family.

Hailey Eddings

Support Specialist

Hailey EddingsSupport Specialist

Alissa Hays

Support Specialist Mgr

Alissa HaysSupport Specialist Mgr

Alissa graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in economics and then traveled to several South American countries.

Before joining Ethos, she worked as a swim instructor and lifeguard at the YMCA as well as a server at a local bar and grill. Alissa has quickly settled into the support specialist role at Ethos and has utilized the great learning atmosphere of the office as she familiarizes herself with the insurance world.

Alissa loves to travel and meet new people and she looks forward to the next opportunity to explore a new country.

portrait of Tucker, the office dog


Original Office Dog

portrait of Tucker, the office dog

TuckerOriginal Office Dog

Ethos would not be the company it is today without the energy and enthusiasm of our original CEO (Canine Executive Officer), Tucker. Specializing in inner-office relations, Tucker keeps morale high and stress levels at a minimum. He’s loyal, he’s obedient and he’s a finisher (of leftovers). He’s also gracious about sharing floor space with Emma. Next time you’re in the office, see if you can catch Tucker on one of his rounds. You’ll be glad you did.