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Meet Your Healthcare Professional Liability Wholesaler

Our Mission: We envision changing the way the wholesale insurance community operates by focusing on serving people first. Our mission is to become the most respected and highly valued specialty wholesale insurance operation in the U.S., specifically focused on the placement of healthcare professional liability business.


Insurance wholesalers designed specifically to support you, not use you.

You don't need a professional liability insurance wholesaler whose primary concern is making themselves rich off your hard work. You deserve a professional liability wholesaler dedicated to making your insureds see how exceptional of an agent you really are. Our mission is just that simple: To make our retailers look like heroes to their insureds.

A team of Ethos Insurance healthcare professional liability wholesalers sharing a communal desk while working on computers and tablets.
Holding Ourselves Accountable

Experience the benefits of an ethical wholesaler

Ethos - the Greek root for Ethics

The unfortunate truth is that there are a lot of bad actors in the world of insurance, especially when it comes to wholesalers. When David and Jonathan founded Ethos in 2004, the very first problem they wanted to tackle was the state of the industry. With ethics in our name, we're held to a higher standard.

The Greek Parthenon building with sun shining on the pillars.

Built around your needs as an agent

Made up of former agents, wholesalers, and carriers, we've experienced insurance from every direction. By building a wholesaler focused on serving agents instead of ourselves, Ethos Insurance has helped place a magnitude of healthcare professional liability policies since 2004.

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Our Pledge

Ethos Pillars of Ethical Business

Ethos Insurance FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions that we get from users around the country.

What’s the deal with all of the hero and ethics stuff? Isn’t it a bit much?

This looks exactly like the kind of insurance I need! How do I get it?

Can you help me place lines of coverage other than healthcare professional liability or medical professional liability?

Your office address says that you’re based in Washington. How can you serve my needs in another state?

I’ve noticed that you don’t list a particular carrier on your website. Why not?

Meet Your Ethos Team