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Transparent and Consultative Healthcare Professional Liability Insurance

Complex placements require simple solutions.

More than just med-mal

Discover what your client really needs

Don't waste time with wholesalers who can't place your business properly. If you find a service here it's because you've found a medical and healthcare professional liability expert who can help place your accounts.
More than you think

Medical malpractice insurance only scratches the surface

Your book of business is more diverse than just medical malpractice for doctors. You need professional liability solutions for everyone and anything touching the healthcare world. Find expert solutions no matter what your healthcare client does.


Doctors, surgeons, clinics, hospitals, etc.


Clinical research, nursing homes, mental health facilities, labs, etc.

An infographic showing the relationship that aging services, managed care, life science, and social services have with the healthcare and medical service industry.
Fast. Easy. Right.

A simple and effective plan makes all the difference

Aiding your clients while growing your business is hard enough work as it is. Your wholesaler shouldn't add to your burden, which is why Ethos developed Fast-Easy-Right.

Get the right coverage for your insureds

Start with selecting the best professional liability wholesaler for your medical and healthcare professional liability needs. By the end of day you’ll have a 15-minute meeting time reserved where you will learn definitively how to best serve your insureds.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions that we get about insuring clients.

I’ve noticed that you don’t list a particular carrier on your website. Why not?

How do I get the correct application?

What information is required for a submission?

This looks exactly like the kind of insurance I need! How do I get it?

Can you help me place lines of coverage other than healthcare professional liability or medical professional liability?