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Frequently Asked Questions

When you have questions you deserve an easy-to-find and easy-to-understand answer. Here you will find a repository of all FAQ questions featured throughout the site, as well as additional information that didn't quite fit in any other specific areas. Of course, if you still can't find the answer that you're looking for we encourage you to contact us directly.

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General FAQ

Here is a collection of FAQ that are either not related to a specific service or apply to multiple pages. 

What’s the deal with all of the hero and ethics stuff? Isn’t it a bit much?

This looks exactly like the kind of insurance I need! How do I get it?

Can you help me place other types of insurance than medical professional liability or healthcare professional liability?

Your office address says that you’re based in Washington. How can you serve my needs in another state?

I’ve noticed that you don’t list a particular carrier on your website. Why not?

How do I get the correct application?

What information is required for a submission?

What is the exposure basis for a certain class of business?

Do you handle all PCF filings?

When do CROs need E&O vs Professional Liability Coverage?

Do you accept all types of social service submissions?

Can you cover medical exposure carve-outs?

About how long does everything take?

Why don’t you have the commission schedule for every carrier listed on your website?