Honesty really is the best policy.

Anyone who has dealt with the medical professional liability insurance business has probably experienced the worst the industry has to offer somewhere along the way. Whether you’re a retail agent, wholesale broker, underwriter or insured, there is a good chance you’ve been lied to, had information hidden or misrepresented, witnessed an end run or in general, been the victim of how business typically gets done.

Ethos is a specialty wholesale insurance broker dedicated exclusively to the medical industry. Wholesalers are often referred to as a necessary evil. That’s why we started Ethos, the Greek word for character.

Our intent is to take the evil out of the necessary. We actually believe that honest, transparent business practices create trust and helps raise the credibility of our industry. What a concept.

Our ethical approach to this business combined with our high level of expertise and market access means that when it comes to medical-related business, we can out perform any other wholesaler.

We’re here for one reason and that’s to help retail agents find the right insurance solutions for their current clients and help them win new clients too. As far as we are concerned, our relationships are partnerships. When that happens, everyone wins.

One last note; if you don’t share our values you should probably stop reading right now. We can’t help you.