Non-standard physician medical malpractice applications are long and complicated. That’s why we created MyLastApp, a proprietary application management system to streamline the medical malpractice application process for non-standard physicians.

MyLastApp Saves You Time & Money

There are two ways to use MyLastApp:

  1. Master Application

    The Master Application is a writable pdf document which acts as a super-set of all the questions on all carrier-specific applications currently in the MyLastApp system. Once completed, Ethos uses the MyLastApp system to generate pre-populated applications for most non-standard physician insurance programs in the U.S.

    Advantages of using the Master Application:

    1. Every underwriter receives your submission on their carrier-specific application with clean, legible print so they are able to provide faster service and more aggressive quotes.
    2. On future renewals, your non-standard physician client will only need to take a few minutes to note any practice related changes.
    3. You will probably never again need to fill out another application for your non-standard physician clients.
  2. ExpressApp

    The ExpressApp is also a writable pdf document. Although it is a much shorter application than the Master Application, it still provides the information underwriters need to evaluate and quote a non-standard physician risk.

    Advantages of using the ExpressApp:

    1. ExpressApp is short and easy to complete.
    2. Most non-standard physician programs will accept ExpressApp and not require their own application.

MyLastApp will help you to:

  • Secure your existing non-standard physician clients by making their application process simpler
  • Attract new non-standard physician clients by eliminating long, paper applications every year

Best of all, MyLastApp is FREE for Ethos’ retail customers.

Contact Ethos today to use MyLastApp.