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Zurich To “Reshape” Healthcare Professional Liability Book

David Huss - Sep 10, 2018

Zurich recently informed its distribution partners that it will be pulling back from “high” and “ultra-high” severity jurisdictions in the

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Lancet Indemnity RRG Moves Into Voluntary Runoff

David Huss - Jun 18, 2018

As a result of ongoing issues with the Nevada Department of Insurance, Lancet Indemnity, a physician-focused risk retention group, has

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Wholesale Integrity – How Retail Agents Benefit

Jonathan Waterman - May 31, 2018

I love the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. In particular, I love the imagery of it standing as the guardian to

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NAS Insurance Exits the Aging Services Market

Jonathan Waterman - Mar 25, 2018

In November, NAS Insurance announced their exit from a small book of assisted living accounts. Their focus in this space

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Healthcare Providers Insurance Exchange (HPIX) Announces Voluntary Liquidation

Lindsay Youngs - Jan 18, 2018

Once a medical malpractice insurer for over 3,000 providers in the Eastern United States, HPIX has announced a voluntary liquidation

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Retail Agents – Are You Paying For Two Wholesale Brokers Instead Of One?

David Huss - Dec 7, 2017

In a previous article, 5 Ways Retail Agents Pay For Their Wholesale Insurance Broker, I explain how poor service is

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